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  • Future modelling of Cities

    Posted on 

    Future modelling of Cities

    https://colouringlondon.org/ https://github.com/colouring-cities/colouring-cities.github.io The fine people at the Turing Institute, are wrestling with some very familiar data problems, we’re really interested in these programmes of work – and would recommend anyone who has a spare moment take the time to have a poke […]

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  • Procedural generation vs Ai for Vehicles – an M270 MLRS example

    Posted on 

    Procedural generation vs Ai for Vehicles – an M270 MLRS example

    We’re looking to make both serious simulations and PC games. At present however most Ai are derivatives of very large scale Copyright challenges / Scraping exercises. Large distribution channels such as Steam (biggest PC games marketplace that controls 50-70% of all PC […]

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  • How to market a game

    Posted on 

    How to market a game

    As a company interested in selling games as a business – this is a really impressive resource. It would be well worth checking out their site, and many different resources. Like all marketplaces, it’s constantly evolving – so staying abreast of events […]

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