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Animated creatures in a Voxel Environment

The description is about a procedural creature engine test for a psychological sci-fi horror game targeting PC, planned for release in 2024.

It features creatures navigating a voxel-based cityscape, derived from Lidar and SAR data. Each creature limb autonomously interacts with the environment, considering various factors. The test is a work-in-progress, demonstrating future directions.?

#horrorgaming #scifi #voxel In the next video (spoiler alert) you shall see: creatures demolishing the landscape as they move. Since all this is based on the Polaron World Engine, hey, why not? 🙂

Visuals include red boxes as projectiles, and orange boxes as street-level units (around 10,000), each individually managed. Each entity is currently just set to bounce and move off of solid surfaces however the logic can be expanded exponentially allowing both fields (e.g. an event that prompts them to flee or be attracted to) as well as more individual behaviours responding to environmental stimuli.

Of course the blocks will in time be replaced by voxelised people or entities – but one step at a time.

Vegetation is temporarily illuminated, enhancing the scene.

Future updates will include a power network for these cities.

The creators invite comments and suggestions, and offer a sign-up at their website.

We listen! Oh, and don’t forget to sign up:…