Early Access Registration

Polaron Public Early Access registration

Thanks for choosing to join our Early Access programme. We’re looking for Gamers, Game Studios and GIS / Sim users to use, experiment and feed into our development. As early adopters, we want to solicit your feedback and use it to shape our development to hear and respond to what you like and don’t like.

What’s in it for me?

As our initial user base – we are looking to rewarding your participation, feedback, suggestions and your time and input:

  • Early access keys for you.
  • Keys to share with your friends or colleagues.
  • Credit to use within our marketplace so you can play around with interesting datasets.
  • Keys issued to Early Access and Alpha users will be converted to Steam keys for gaming / simulation sandbox
  • Commercial users will receive discounts on full SaaS use and credits to use in the marketplace.
  • Access to Polaron Discord and meetings with the development team
  • Real shaping of product features and feedback.

Coming soon to Steam! Join up now.

Lets get you setup!

We will be publishing our full Early Access programme in Q1 2024.
By singing up to our webform now, you get to use our software and help shape it to be the thing you want.