Real-time spatial analysis of geospecific data, powering serious simulations, city scale digital twins, damage, resilience and gaming applications

Cutting edge Voxelised spatial encoding and analysis allow Polaron to support ultra large Simulations, based on and interoperable with other GIS systems, or used to drive Gaming experiences.

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Endlessly scalable for serious simulation and serious fun.

Polaron is in essence, a realistic and endlessly scalable, tweakable and replayable sandbox through which you can stress test decisions and deliver situational awareness, training, real-time strategy and action games; set in a wide range of applications, level of detail and complexity. Coupled with procedural generation to create probabilistic systems, infrastructure and interactions between units, civilians, physics, explosions, flooding and more. Polaron creates 3D maps & terrain models of areas, spaces and facilities over which a limitless variety of effects, incidents, scenarios, operations and AI driven models can be simulated.

Play for fun, or run iterative analysis to determine the best course of action – using synthetic environments based on real world locations; Polaron World Engine is the most semantic data dense real-time environment available.

Geosemantic data is fused with an accurate
model of the real world’s structure and augmented with procedurally generated data based on an array of data points.

Blend direct scan data such as lidar, EOS and Thermal values, alongside Geosemantics and real-time calculations and drive realistic simulations able to integrate and use data from almost any spatial or spatially indexed data.

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GIS & Data Analysis

Whether massive scaled interactions or analysing time & series data or even real-time data feeds. Polaron’s incredible performance unlocks competitive advantages delivered in real-time and can be run in the cloud or on prem and in parallel with other GIS tools and Databases.

Serious Simulation

Analysis leads to Simulation, allowing you to test and model change and assess and compare a multitude of options, strengths, weaknesses and costs. Test your suppositions and Wargame out solutions, identify weaknesses and automate analysis and outputs into other tools.

PC Gaming

We are working on a number of games that exploit the complexity and interactions afforded by adaptive scaling and massive Voxel environments. Polaron’s Simulation components are designed to run on high end COTs hardware, CPUs and GPUs allowing fastest possible performance.


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Meet our team

Robert Sugar
Founder & CEO

John Tapsfield
CTO & Business Dev lead

Erika Fucsok
Data Scientist