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Lumberyard Bistro Benchmark V1

Quick test on the AWS Luberyard Bistro rendering benchmark.

Amazon Lumberyard Bistro

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  • Revealed at 2017 Game Developer Conference to showcase new anti-aliasing and transparency features in the Lumberyard game engine.



  • Interior: 1,046,609 triangles
  • Interior with wine: 1,293,691 triangles
  • Exterior: 2,832,120 triangles
  • File formats: FBX and Falcor scene file

Polaron render

This was unpacked in Polaron to 274.8 Billion Voxels (no adaptive simulation here).

Some screen shots.
We would need to optimise the net scene – and some adaptive loading systems. But the fidelity is pretty impressive.

Once we’re a bit further along we will revisit this. But its coming along nicely!

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