Biography – John Tapsfield – CTO

CTO & Business Development lead

John Tapsfield

Manages the development roadmap and integrations and commercialisation of Polaron.

John is a trained Project Manager & veteran of the tech & creative industries – graduating from Central St Martins before pivoting into Drupal web development, web design and later project and product management.

John joins us as our CTO – where his role is to bridge the gap between technological capability and client need – whether this is on product requirements, experience design, graphic user interface design and assessing the technical feasibility and suitability of different competing solutions. His strong background in product management and unique experiences on spatial situational awareness and its real-time applications for the UK Fire Service is highly relevant to the development of the Situational Awareness applications of Polaron – but his broad experience includes: Connected Car Applications for Porsche, Tax Calculators, IOT systems, High Value Car Auction Systems, multi-system micro service architectures, as well as SLAM and other emerging technologies ranging from Ai enabled crop solutions tools for DOW chemical, or driving the release of the most cost effective smart heating and monitoring network in the UK.

John also leads on some of the project delivery functions and is Prince 2 qualified, as well as experienced in agile, waterfall and similar methods.

John works closely with the CEO to map and ensure delivery on product requirements, scope potential partners and solutions and manages the interfaces into 3rd party tools and data systems

5G Victori – Horizion Europe

H2020 Programme due to conclude Q4 – 2023

John is an Industrial Advisory Board Member to Kingston University.

Former Central St Martins graduate (long story) and one time Drupal web development company co-owner – father to a bundle of energy and amazing time-sink! Enjoys gardening and spending time with the family, gym binges and generally juggling a family and home life alongside the constant pruning of backlogs and ruthless prioritisation.

Currently based in London, but often found at events, client meetings and working visits to Bristol and beyond.

“Having come from the high tempo of an agency – the pace of development at Urban Hawk and the leaps that have been made in my first 6 months is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. The technology we’re developing has the potential to be truly transformative – yet unlike many tools that deal with simulation and Ai – it has been designed to be accessible and embrace open HLA and privacy centric approaches. As ever within an SME there are never enough hours in the day – but this forces focus and the fruits of this are beginning to emerge – with both a general purpose technology (GPT) and applications and features that are specific to different domains. Part of the challenge is to keep all of those threads together – which having come from quite diverse background is second nature – occasionally stressful and certainly the most interest work i’ve ever undertaken.“

John Tapsfield,
CTO of Urban Hawk Ltd

PM & Product Development

  • Game development & design
  • Software requirements
  • Product management
  • Project management
  • Experience Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Requirements
  • Technology appraisal
  • Technology roadmap
  • Software requirements
  • Project Management
  • Estimation & Pricing
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Development plans
  • Privacy
  • Data & Data usage
  • Software evaluation
  • End user requirements
  • Technical Bus Dev
  • Integrations & Scoping
  • API documentation

Comp Sci Competencies

  • API documentation
  • Interface creation
  • Testing
  • Data acquisition & Processing
  • Design
  • FE Design & GUI design
  • SQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Php