Use Case: Public Safety & Emergency Services

Public Safety & Emergency Services

Polaron enhances situational awareness in public and private spaces by ingesting various forms of data, aiding in risk assessment and decision-making. It provides benefits in crowd management, event management, and command and control solutions, allowing higher-level authorities to make decisions based on localized intelligence. The platform can ingest data from various sources, helping in areas like cost analysis, risk modelling, and predicting outcomes. In situations of uncertainty, Polaron’s simulations assist decision-makers.

Case Studies:

Public Safety applications:

Polaron assists public safety by making vast safety and risk data geospatially relevant. Its capabilities include modeling fire risks and response times, aiding command and response levels, and understanding complex urban environments. It also offers red teaming exercises, which are data-driven simulation events, beneficial for training and risk assessment.

Public Safety & Security

Polaron can model a lot semantic and physical details as well as profile for risks and help to automate the process of analysing and assessing a scene. Since it can draw in 20,000,000 points per second – this can even be done in real-time.

Modelling & Scanning

Polaron can model terrains and ingest various 3D scans, allowing users to analyze spaces. Partnerships with leading scanning companies ensure that locations are easily scanned, monitored, and maintained.

Cost, Demand, and Heat Map Modelling

Polaron’s proprietary system visualizes geospatially encoded locations that influence demand. Users can manually add data like event areas or risks, aiding in rapid response and predictive cost modeling.

Public Duty in Privately Owned Sites

With Polaron, insurers can receive real-time updates from embedded sensors, helping them to evaluate risks. The tool also assists in understanding and modeling public behavior and risks in large privately owned areas like shopping centers.

API Gateways and Mobile Access

Polaron supports API integration and mobile scanning, making it interoperable with other systems. It gathers data from various sensors, aiding in creating comprehensive environment models, and plays a role in efforts like decarbonization.

Key Technologies

  • Accountability & Probity: Allows for documentation, saving, and archiving of data models.
  • Data Caching: Optimizes performance by caching specific data layers.
  • Works Where You Work: Offers browser-based access for user convenience.
  • Top Performance: Uses cutting-edge technology to ensure optimum performance.
  • High Security: Runs securely either within your network or externally.
  • Connect to External Services: Integrates with external data stores and services.